Turkish Van Breed Council

Best of Breed Cats - 1994-1995 show season
our very first year!!

rank	name						color/sex
1	GC, BW	Desert Jewel Red October	        Red-White Male	
2	GC	Pairodocs Harlequin Dancer	        Tortie-White Female	
3	CH	Talorien's Vanky Panky of Kapulo	Tortie-White Spay	
4	CH	Talorien Vanity of Desert Jewel	        Tortie-White Female	
5	GC	Vansalot Kilroy of Ashmanor	        Red Tabby-White Male	
6	CH	Goblen Sonbahar of Desert Jewel, DM	Tortie-White Female	
7	CH	Desert Jewel Riata of Wishnwhisker	Black-White Female	
8	CH	Desert Jewel Reveille of Waveland	Tortie-White Female	
9	CH	Pairodocs Quiana	                Dilute Tortie-White Female	
10	CH	Santir Candy Kiss of Pairodocs, DM	Tortie-White Female	
11	CH	Summitspring Ani	                Red-White Female	
12	CH	Pairodocs Ice Van	                Red Tabby-White Male	
rank	name						color/sex
1	GC, BW	Desert Jewel Red October	        Red-White Male	
2	CH, GP	Wishnwhisker Lady Anna	                Red-White Spay	
3	GC, BW	Invanity's Donavan of Waveland	        Black-White Male	
4		Pairodocs Montezuma	                Red Tabby-White Male	
5		Pairodocs Isis	                        Red Tabby-White Female	
6		Wishnwhisker Sir Scorpio	        Red-White Male	
7		Ketola Tobiko	                        Red-White Male	
8		Ketola Anago	                        Red-White Male	
rank	name						color/sex
1	GP	Littlemoon Z Z Top	                Black-White Neuter	
2	GP	Threesacrowd Jazz of Lotsaluvan	        Red Tabby-White Spay	
3	PR	Talorien's Isabella	                Black-White Spay	
4	GP	Pairodocs Spooktacular Nala	        Red Tabby-White Spay	
5	GP	Desert Jewel Red Storm Rising	        Red-White Neuter	
6	GP	Desert Jewel Random Kindness	        Black-White Spay